Friday 14 July 1916
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Pte Herbert Atkinson Saltaire
Capt J R Atkinson Calverley
Pte E A Baxter Thackley
Cpl W Baxter Thackley
Pte R E Bell Shipley
Sgt James Berry Greengates
Pte Arthur Blakebrough Eccleshill
Pte Ernest Briggs Greengates
Gunner H L Brook Shipley
Pte Walter Burton Eccleshill
Pte P Carroll Windhill
Pte John Valentine Chapman Shipley
Pte H Child Calverley
Pte Thomas Chippendale Shipley
Pte R Collins Greengates
Lieut S M Crabtree Shipley
Pte Edward Dobson Windhill
Pte Tom Edmondson Shipley
Pte Frank W Ellis Eccleshill
Lieut P Gaunt Calverley
L Cpl Geggon Shipley
Pte Alfred Golbey Saltaire
Pte R Gray Calverley
Pte Tom Edmondson Shipley
Pte F Harper Idle
Pte Percy Holdsworth Greengates
Pte H Holgate Idle
Rifleman W Holgate Shipley
Cpl J A Hollindrake Thackley
Sgt H Bernard Greenwood Calverley
L Cpl Ralph Holmes Shipley
Sgt Alfred Hudson Eccleshill
Cpl E Huffe Shipley
Pte Illingworth Windhill
Pte Gilbert Isles Eccleshill
Pte W Jones Thackley
Pte Richard A Laycock Eccleshill
L Cpl Frank Liley Idle
Pte Laurie Lincoln Shipley
Pte Richard Maud Windhill
Pte Paul McKinley Apperley Bridge
Pte W Mortimer Shipley
Pte J Myers Eccleshill
Lieut F P Nowell Shipley
Cpl J B Parker Shipley
Pte Horatio Patrick Idle
Pte Harold Peel Eccleshill
Pte Joseph W Robinson Eccleshill
Pte Donald R Ross Shipley
Pte Arnold Shackleton Greengates
Pte A Sparks Idle
Pte Ralph Stamford Eccleshill
Pte J Thomas Shipley
Pte S F Wainwright Baildon
Pte Percy Walker Idle
Pte Leslie Waterworth Eccleshill
Pte Willie Watmough Greengates
Pte A F Wilman Eccleshill
L Cpl H Reginald Wright Saltaire
Pte J Wright Calverley
The impact of the Battle of the Somme hit the Shipley Times & Express two weeks after the battle started. They printed a page of photographs of casualties and a Roll of Honour giving more details. The two lists don’t completely tie up suggesting the feature had been put together at the last minute as families received information. The photos here are in alphabetical order to help searching
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